This procedure involves removing the uterus but leaving the cervix in place using keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery. Ovaries and fallopian tubes can be removed at the same time. Although this is a keyhole partial hysterectomy it is still a major surgical procedure.


The operation is usually for patients with heavy, irregular or painful periods. It is also undertaken for patients with fibroids causing symptoms.

LASH involves excision or removal of the part of the uterus (Body of the uterus) causing the heavy bleeding, pain or bearing the fibroids, while conserving the healthier organs such as Cervix, Vagina, pelvic floor and ovaries.

Therefore, by limiting the surgery to the part that is causing the problem (Site Specific Surgery) and minimizing unnecessary excision/scarring to healthier parts (like Cervix and vagina), we believe that this will lead to quicker recovery, maintaining and improving in the patient’s body functions such as bowel habit, urinary function and sexual function. We also believe that by conserving the integrity of the pelvic floor less incidence of prolapse would follow LASH as compared to total hysterectomy, where the integrity of the pelvic floor has been breached.

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